A letter from the President of GWNFA

A letter from the President of GWNFA

The GWNFA was formed in March of 2017 by a small number of senior Franchisees that were very concerned about how Restaurant Brands International (RBI) and its subsidiary, TDL Group Corp (TDL), were managing the Tim Horton Brand and its partner Franchisees.

3G Capital acquired Tim Hortons in 2014, and quickly formed the holding company, RBI, to manage Tim Hortons, Burger King, and Popeye’s restaurant brands.  Massive layoffs at TDL Group Corp were instituted by RBI, in an effort to cut costs from the corporate side of the business, while maintaining and growing revenues from Franchisee fees, and backdoor pricing of food and paper items.

Quality of our food and paper items are of concern as well, with many social media posts from our Guests, reporting that they had noticed a decline.

RBI / TDL instituted a Global Performance Standards (GPS) measurement system, to evaluate and measure the performance of stores and Franchisees, and these standards were considered by many Operators as being onerous and difficult to achieve.  GPS metrics and targets were also being changed frequently, with what some Franchisees speculated was a goal of eliminating small Franchisees, in favor of large “Master Franchisee” arrangements.

The GWNFA stepped in through its collective power of over 60% of system Franchisees, and outstanding legal counsel, to put a halt to a number of RBI initiatives, and to begin a dialog with RBI to reach a long term solution in which both parties (RBI / TDL) and Tim Hortons Franchisees could both prosper, and grow stronger together.

As President of the GWNFA, my goal is to bring RBI / TDL and the GWNFA to a common pathway, were both parties can be successful, profitable and grow stronger together.  I’m not in this battle alone.  We have a talented group of Franchisees on our Board of Directors, as well as other Franchisees working behind the scenes, helping me to achieve these goals.  We also have a talented Legal Team and Advisors helping us to realize our vision of a stronger, united Tim Hortons Brand.

Please feel free to reach out to myself or other Board Members with any questions, comments or concerns you might have, and we will do our best to address them for you.

Mark Walker
Proud Tim Hortons Franchisee & President of the Great White North Franchisee Association

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